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Art Beginners Summer Camp 3rd & 4th January 2018

At the Adelaide art Society 112 Margaret Street North Adelaide.

The Tutor is Richard Rogers.

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Art Beginners Summer Camp Jan 2017

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Feedback Summer Camp 3rd & 4th Jan 2018


Sunday the 3rd December, 12.30 for 1.00.

At the Grain Store Studio 112 Margaret Street North Adelaide.

This is for members and their spouses, partners or bring a friend. Please RSVP to by the 30th of November.

This is a free event but participants are asked to bring a plate of food to share and what ever they want to drink. The committee will provide some chickens and some drinks and an ice container.

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Art Beginners Boot Camp #2

4th & 5th November 2017

At the Adelaide art Society 112 Margaret Street North Adelaide.

The Tutor, Richard Rogers, is known for
vibrant paintings of Australia’s landscape,
wildlife and people. A regular contributor to the
Australian Artist magazine, his work has also
featured in The Artists Palette & International
Artist magazines.

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Art Beginners BootCamp #2


SOCIAL NIGHT with Paul Jackson demonstrating his watercolour style and materials at 7.30 – 9.00, Thursday the 26th of October.

Paul Jackson Watercolour Workshop.

At the Adelaide art Society 112 Margaret Street North Adelaide.

27th – 29th of October 2017.

Brought to you by the Adelaide art Society Inc and the South Australian Watercolour Society Inc

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Paul Jackson came from the US to Adelaide at our invitation to give a three day workshop to members of the Adelaide Art Society and the South Australian Watercolour Society. It was quite an experience. We met Paul at the social night on Thursday, and heard about his life. If it sounded like bragging initially, well, it was. But we quickly came to appreciate that he had done all these things, and lived a rather charmed, out of the ordinary, life. A ‘wunderkind’ in fact. We would have liked him to do some painting at social night, but it became obvious that a one hour session could not possibly do justice to his talent. It took him and us three days to paint one complicated picture. Of glass.

On Friday we drew up the outlines, and put on masking fluid. Then one wash.  We all came back Saturday eager to get stuck in again, and starting to understand the mountain Paul had set us to climb. It certainly was a lesson in patience and planning. Layer after layer followed, more masking fluid to create lighter coloured highlights, discoveries in the photo we were using (trees? What are trees doing in an inside still life? – reflections from outside the window on the glass topped table, naturally).

The paintings evolved, layer upon layer. As Paul demonstrated he talked, about himself, his paints, brushes, how to straighten a bent brush, which art shop to buy what from, an all-round education in fact. And we students, one and all, adored him. He brought his drone in to fly one day. He went into Adelaide Arcade and bought an Akubra, made in South Australia we told him. It was a mutual affair.

By Sunday afternoon most of us had given up hopes of finishing our paintings. We just had to watch in awe as Paul put the final detail into his painting. With about an hour to go we took our work out to the coffee room and displayed it to see how we all had done. All were pleased with our achievements. I am happy to report that several finished their painting in the next few days. We were on a wonderful high from learning from a master. We came down to be exhausted and bewildered (speaking personally of course). It was a most incredible experience.

Will we paint like this again? Maybe not. But did we learn techniques and skills and understandings of watercolour? Boy, did we ever! And Paul is such a nice guy.

Pam Saint


Adelaide is a wrap! My workshop for the Adelaide Art Society was great fun and a grand success. Huge thanks Diana Mitchell who led the effort to bring me to Australia and to Pam Saint for organizing the workshop! It has been a pleasure to work with such talented folks





The 2017 SPRING EXHIBITION closed on the 22nd October with 13 paintings being sold.

The PEOPLES CHOICE PRIZE went to two people, Margaret Rennie for her charcoal titled ‘Lost in Thought’ and Adam Opala for his portrait titled ‘Bianca’. They will share the $200 prize.

Congratulations to both.

The Featured Society Member was Earleen Eastwood whose work occupied the rear studio walls and several of her works were sold.

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Press Release 2017 Spring Exhibiton


DVD Social Night

Friday 29th September 7.30 pm

This was a fun night sharing excerpts from a range of interesting and informative art DVD’s while munching on popcorn and nibbles, sharing art experiences and socialising with members.

There was a variety of interesting DVD’s for everyone to choose from including new titles purchased by the society for our library.

New Adelaide Art Society Library DVD’s

  • Improve your watercolour with Chinese Techniques Lian Quan Zhen
  • The Nude in Art with Tim Marlow
  • Manet from the Royal Academy Exhibition on Screen
  • Wesson’s Watercolour Secrets
  • A Life in Paint Margaret Olley

 Other Adelaide Art Society titles to possibly include

  • Breaking the Rules of Watercolour with Shirley Trevena RI
  • Colour & Light in Oil Maxwell Wilks

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September 2017 DVD Social Night


Watercolour Portrait Painting Demo with Trish Riddoch

July Social Night, Friday 28th July 7.30pm

Trish presented a wonderful insight into the flexibility and adventure of using watercolours to paint portraits. Using her grand daughter as her model she quickly built the outline and shaded areas with transparent colours using a wide brush. Then, using darker colours with smaller brushes she applied more detailed structures, bringing the portrait to life as if by magic.

Thanks to Chris Braham and Neil Hamilton who set up the projection technology to enable everyone to follow the action on the large screen. 

Thanks also to Chris for organizing the event and to Trish for agreeing to do the demonstration; and thanks to the committee for organizing the refreshments, setup and cleanup.


 Poster Trish July Social Night


The winner of the Peoples Choice prize is MARGARET RENNIE with her painting of “Pumpkin and Friends” 

OPENING @ 2.00 pm on Saturday the 22 of July. 

Renowned Adelaide watercolour artist, Alan Ramachandran will be opening the Exhibition.

Adelaide Art Society member featured in this exhibition is Tina Barr.

Tina’s style has been described as abstract impressionism.
Although her works are representational and recognisable, there is
enough abstract of both form and colour to add the mystery
needed to invite further investigation by the imagination.
Tina’s bold brush produces a sense of freedom that is pleasing to
the eye and imagination.
As an award‐winning artist, Tina has sold throughout Australia, the USA and UK.

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2017 Winter Exhibition

Alan presented a very insightful opening address centering upon the need for artists to seek critique of their work and to enter work into exhibitions and not be afraid of not being selected but rather learn from the experience and experiment with different techniques. He recommends this website, Bill Inman Art , particularly the blog for learning the finer points of critique. 



Also there are over 60 other paintings in the exhibition; there is something for everyone’s taste.


Art Beginners Boot Camp With Richard Rogers

8th & 9th July 2017

Want to develop your skills in Art using
pencils and Acrylic paints?
The Art Beginners Boot Camp provides
all the resources for you to discover all

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Art Beginners BootCamp


Annual General Meeting 2017

Open to financial members only.

2.00 PM, Saturday the 24th of June.

Adelaide Art Society

112 Margaret Street

North Adelaide




Social night 26th May

Report on May Social Night with Maria Zagala on Drawing as a formative, generative force.

Maria initially focused on Rodin’s involvement in providing illustrations for the novel by Octave Mirbeau, The Torture Garden, 1902. This was a controversial novel of the times. Maria showed some images of these illustrations. I was struck by their simplicity and delicacy of form.


Maria also spoke about the appeal and role in art of Life Drawing across time. She showed the work of Jacopo Pontomo, Study for the deluge, c 1540 and compared this with the work of current Australian artist, Brent Harris. Some of his work from his series, Deluge, is held at the Art Gallery of SA.


After the presentation, there followed an interesting dialogue between Maria and members about aspects of Life Drawing.


Maria also offered to arrange a private viewing for a group of members of some of the many Life Drawings held by the Art Gallery of SA. The society will be following up this offer when Maria is available and will announce details when confirmed.


 Portrait Painting in Oils Workshop with artist Iroda Adil

Iroda has had 10 years art training and considerable experience teaching. Her confident alla prima style of painting gives her portraits strength yet sensitivity. Iroda is able to teach to a range of painting backgrounds and levels of ability.

Some previous experience with oils is desirable.

 Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 April 2017

 Cost: members $150 ($60/day + $15 model/day)

        non-members $170 ($70/day + $15 model/day)





April 28

Outdoor Painting/En Plein Air; with Phillipa Roberts

This evening  on ‘En Plein Air’ painting ie painting outdoors. We encourage both En Plein Air painters to come along to talk of their kit, techniques and experiences   and those who would like to know more about En Plein Air painting to come along and be inspired.   We are sure it will be an enjoyable and interactive evening.

Please click the links below for more information

Philippa Robert Bio

Poster Social Night Philippa Robert April 28th 7 b

 Friday 31 March 7.30pm

 Peter Bok, artist and art educator

Peter Bok is an Australian painter living in Adelaide, South Australia. Peter studied Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Akademie in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. On completing his training in 1984, Peter moved to (West) Berlin where his acute interest in the ‘Neue Wilde’ group, including artists such as Rainer Fetting, Helmut Middendorf and Salomé, was to greatly influence his bold figurative painting style.

Peter gave a stimulating and entertaining presentation during which he talked about his art experiences over the years illustrated with many images. He proceeded to paint a still life in acrylics to illustrate his painting style.

The social night was well attended and supper and conversation was held afterward. 

Many thanks to Chris Braham for organizing the evening and to others who helped during the evening.

Peter Bok Poster




The opening of our Autumn Exhibition was very well attended by 60+ visitors with several sales registered. Vice President Pam Saint introduced the Featured Society Artist, Anne Newland-Tugwell and our guest speaker, Philip Martin, Councillor for the Norther Ward of the ACC, who opened the exhibition. He spoke about his long interest in the North Adelaide community groups and explained in some detail how the ACC has several initiatives to assist groups improve and develop their buildings, activities and access to ACC services. His address was inspirational to both members and the Committee. We now have planning for disabled access and toilets in train and a submission for improved parking for people attending Society events. On behalf of the society I wish the thank the councillor for his opening address. 

The peoples choice prize went to Liz Gartner for Reflection of Boats. congratulations Liz.

Winston Head



Social Night with Bark painter, Pat Savage


On our first Social Night for the year, we were fortunate to hear from Pat Savage about her remarkable art, bark painting. Pat told us how she first became intrigued by this very Australian art and then began collecting bark from around Australia on caravan trips with her husband. Pat learnt the basic skills at TAFE then experimented further under the mentorship of an expert, Wally Roe. She found the patience and perseverance needed in doing cross-stitch and tapestries held her in good stead in this art form.


Pat showed us the range of tools used and different base materials. Pat then described the various barks commonly used, which are mostly from different types of Melaleuca, also known as Paper Bark or Tea Tree. There are also some very colourful powders found between layers of bark, which are also used. Pat had samples to pass around. It was remarkable to see the wide range of colours that are available ranging from earth colours and greys through to oranges, yellow, ruby red and even blue.


Pat then described the process she used to construct the picture beginning with the sky then the hills, middle distance then river, trees, shrubs, leaves and finally any cutouts such as buildings.  Pat gave us some secrets for achieving particular variations such as in the sky or how to gain water effects. Pat had a few Do’s and Don’ts to offer from her experience.


Pat had brought some examples of her lovely art which included two particularly beautiful bird studies as well as impressive landscapes and broaches. We were amazed at the detail achieved.


Those who attended were all impressed by Pat’s skill but also her enthusiasm and joy for her art. Although Pat is no longer able to pursue bark painting, it was clear this passion had been an enriching and absorbing part of her life.


The society’s Christmas Party was a well attended occasion with plenty of delicious food and beverage. Pam’s art quizzes were a hit keeping everyone puzzling over the answers and many caught up with members not seen for a while. It was a great lunch and thanks to all who helped make it happen.



This was held at 2.00, Saturday the 12th November and was well attended by about 40 visitors. After a welcome by the President our Features Society Member, Donald Burrow, gave a fascinating introduction into his journey to becoming an artist as well as some of his insights into the arts. Neil Hamilton then introduced our Guest Speaker, Elle Freaks; Assistant Curator  of Australian Paintings, Sculpture and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art at the Art Gallery of S.A.,who gave an insightful talk about the importance of art in the community and the variety of subjects and styles of the works exhibited here.

There was plenty of discussion of the art among the visitors and during the course of the afternoon one work was sold, a charcoal portrait named ‘Sarah’.

dsc_0116dsc_0111 dsc_0109 dsc_0104 dsc_0101 dsc_0100


The winner is Adam Opala with his entry of a portrait of ‘Sarah’, congratulations Adam.


Friday 24th February 7.30 pm

‘Art in Bark’ 

The first Social Night of the year featured an artist who makes the most exquisite pictures from paper bark. The evening featured PAT SAVAGE, paper bark artist, a fascinating evening.   

finches blue-wren



On the Social Night of 28th October, 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm. Cathi Steer demonstrated the use of Oil Sticks for painting.  Cathi presented a very informative insight into the little known world of ‘Oil Stick’ painting by using them to paint on canvas, on which she had prepared an outline of a coastal scene of the red clay formations at Maslin Beach. Cathi proceeded, with running commentary, to create a very impressive art work. She fielded many questions from the audience of about 40 people and left every one much more informed, many were going to buy some oil stick and try them.

The demonstration was projected onto a screen allowing everyone a good view of what Cathi was doing

Many thanks to Cathi for a wonderful demonstration.

Supper was enjoyed after the demonstration.

dsc_0083 dsc_0106 dsc_0101 dsc_0097 dsc_0095 dsc_0092 dsc_0089

Social Night, 30th September, 7.30 – 9.30. This was an evening of art DVDs and discussion. The weather was cold and wet but several brave members made it along and an interesting night was had by all. Thanks to Chris Brahms for organizing it and Neil Hamilton for setting up the AV system.

Gerhard Ritter – August 26th.  7.30 pm – 9.00 pm. Gerhard talked about “The integration of mobile technology to the practice of art”. He showed not just which social networks he uses but also illustrated the practical aspects of how he goes about using various technology hardware and software to assist with the production of fine art. Everyone enjoyed his demonstration and took away a few pointers for using technology.

DSC_0008 DSC_0006 DSC_0003



The winner of the People’s Choice Prize is Iroda Adril with her portrait of Madge Ellis, a Society member of long standing, named “Portrait Of An Artist”, catalogue number 1. Congratulations Iroda and thanks to all who took the time to submit their choice of art work.




2016 Winter Exhibiton at Adealide Art Society Information


Many thanks to all the people who gave their precious time to make this exhibition happen and make the opening the success it was. The opening was well attended and Glenda Parker who opened the exhibition gave a wonderful insight into the making of an artist and then introduced out ‘Featured Society Member” Adam Opala. Adam talked about his feelings for a life of art while growing up in Poland and working as an architectural artist. In later life his love of art has drawn him into life and portrait work. He is a valued member of the society. The work of the exhibiting artists is of exceptional quality and very reasonably priced and thank you for entering your work, I know the effort is not insubstantial, a special thanks to Natasha for taking the trouble to enter three sculptures.  Here are some photographs from the opening.

DSC_0017 DSC_0015 DSC_0013 DSC_0011 DSC_0009 DSC_0007 DSC_0006

SOCIAL NIGHT 29th July 2016

Glenda Parker demonstrated painting with Acrylics, painting a scene from a photograph taken at Lake Albert. The 30 plus audience found the demo very interesting and many questions were asked throughout the 1.5 hours. Glenda kept everyone amused with anecdotes of her painting experiences and trips. Barb McGuire introduced Glenda to the audience. Supper and refreshments were enjoyed after and the evening ended at 10.00. Thanks to all who helped make the evening the success it was.

DSC_0008 DSC_0006 DSC_0003

WORKSHOP Saturday 2nd July 2016

Ev Hales watercolor and flower painting workshop. Once again Ev Hales has excited participants with her humours delivery and her seemingly relaxed approached to painting flowers. Her skill and knowledge of how to see where to apply shape, colour and tone and use the  special quality of watercolour, her palette and brushes was an inspiration to all.

IMG_0134 IMG_0138 IMG_0137 IMG_0136 IMG_0135


Social night 1st July 2016

Last night, well know Watercolourist, Ev Hales demonstrated her considerable skill in a painting demonstration. Her presentation was easy to understand and her light hearted commentary made the evening very enjoyable. Ev was able to demonstrate painting upside down so the audience could see what she was doing. Added to that the new projection system allowed the whole demonstration to be viewed on a large screen so everyone had an excellent view of all of Ev’s clever techniques and materials. Many thanks to Neil Hamilton for setting up and operating the projection  system. Also thanks to all who helped with setting up the demonstration room and to those who brought plates of supper and the committee members who make sure the night was a success. And of course many thanks to Ev who shared some precious insights into the art of painting watercolour flowers.

3 Although not completted the demonstrated paintings are beautiful. 2 The projected video camera image of the demonstration 1 Ev Hales demonstration Water Colour painting Of flowers

Social night, 27th May 2016

Last night, society member Iroda  Adril gave a very insightful demonstration of portrait painting in oils. Her style was to quickly block out the outline and then just as quickly identify the shadow areas, building the modeling of the face with cool and warm colours and tones. Some impasto brought the nose to the fore and the brisk and accurate use of a palette knife to lay down highlights and more subtle features brought the painting to life. Iroda certainly demonstrated her skill and knowledge of painting. The painting took a little over an hour.

Our model was Don Swales-Smith, a long standing society member.

Supper and refreshments were enjoyed after.

DSC_0129 (Large) DSC_0135 (Large) DSC_0131 (Large) DSC_0128 (Large) DSC_0110 (Large)

2015 Spring ExhibitionDSC_0018 DSC_0022 DSC_0024