Members come from all over the state, and range from practising exhibiting semi-professional artists to enthusiastic amateurs. They belong to the Society for their own reasons; to experience specialist workshops, to exhibit, to enjoy the fellowship of other artists, to learn more, to use the facilities. A certain standard of expertise is required to gain membership, and once gained it is up to the individual to be as active as he/she wishes.

Members have access to an ever evolving library, which includes magazines and DVDs.

Our sketch groups, workshops etc. are open to all, but members pay a lesser rate. Although the Society welcomes visitors only members are able to exhibit and borrow from our library.

To Join The Society:

The joining fee is $25, and annual subscription of $55 is due each July 1st.

Membership is determined by the committee who view 4 submitted paintings or drawings (not necessary to be framed).

To organise a suitable time for appraisal (usually 30 mins. before social nights) please contact 8267 4226 or Membership Officer Helen Taylor on 0410 611 473

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The Adelaide Art Society is run by a committee of volunteers. Our Annual General Meeting is held on the last Saturday in June each year. All members are welcome to attend but only financial members can vote. A new committee is formed each year, and members can nominate others with their permission, or themselves. Meetings are held on the last Friday of the month at 5.30 pm before social nights. Members are encouraged to take a turn on the committee, to see how the Society is run, and to share in decision making. You will be surprised at how easy it is to contribute just a little.

The committee for the financial year 2017-2018 is;

EXECUTIVE: Winston Head; President: Pamela Saint; Vice President: Treasurer; Helen Taylor: Secretary; Margaret Lynch.

Committee members: Doug Thomson; Chris Brahms; Neil Hamilton; Mignon Voysey; Don Conner; Alan Gaekwad:

Also at the AGM we vote on the Selection committee for the year. These people are well respected artists who are invited by the committee. Their job is to select paintings for hanging at the Autumn and Winter exhibitions. Their aim is to keep the standard of paintings we exhibit at a professional level.

The selection committee for the financial year 2017-2018 is;

Liz Bail; Cathi Steer; Betty Anderson; Alan Opala; Doug Thomson: